Maryland’s Wine Siege Continues

A blog posting on Brewnotes about the direct wine shipping bill being held up again; this year by Sen. Joan Carter Conway:

Maryland’s Wine Siege Continues

February 8th, 2010

Background:  I’ve talked about this stupidity before:

    Looks like the bill is held up again according to this story.   A Senator, Joan Carter Conway, chairwoman of the Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee won’t allow a vote even though 6 of 9 sitting on that board are co-signers of the bill. 

Carter Conway says “Her chief concern, she said, is that underage drinkers will tap the Internet for wine. There’s no way, she said, to force delivery agencies, whether the U.S. Postal Service or a private carrier, to verify the age of the person accepting a package.”   With all due respect, when is the last time a bunch of underage kids wanted fine wine?   I’m guessing she never attended college with a statement like that.

“Conway said her concerns are shared by Senate leadership. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, a Prince George’s County Democrat, has not traditionally supported the direct-shipping bill, either.”    Hmmm, think about it.   Miller’s family OWNS A LIQUOR STORE!   Why do you think he is against the bill?    

Maybe she is concerned because she is a little too close to the issue.  “Her husband, Vernon "Tim" Conway, is a city liquor inspector since 1995 who made $67,000 in his position last year, according to city records.”

In 1933, Prohibition was repealed, unless of course you live in Maryland and enjoy fine wine.

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