Comptroller's Direct Wine Shipping Report gets a 9.5 from Maryland Wineries

A blog posting on the about the comptroller's report on direct wine sales.

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By: Richard Gorelick

December 21, 2010

Comptroller's direct wine shipping report gets a 9.5 from Maryland wineries
In advance of a December 31st deadline, the Maryland Comptroller's office today released its legally mandated Direct Wine Shipment Report. It's 257 pages, so take care when opening. Scott Calvert has this article in the Baltimore Sun.

The first reaction to it was from the Maryland Wineries Association, whose executive director Kevin Atticks loved was liking very much what he saw. The association's press release states, “The report finds no evidence of increased underage access, no problems collecting taxes and no increase in alcohol abuse in any of the jurisdictions that allow direct shipping."

"This report clearly drives a nail into all of those arguments," Atticks told me. "We're thrilled that we can start this year's discussion with facts."

Asked to rank the report on a scale of 1 to 10 for how well it advances the 30-year battle for direct shipping, Atticks gave it a "9.5"


Wineries with Permits

Wineries Able to Ship to MD

Here is a link to the Comptroller's website. Search for "DW-Direct Wine Shippers Permit" under permit type.

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