Maryland Wine Shipping: We’ve Got Numbers (HB-716, SB-566)

A blog posting on Vinotrip about "the sheer force of sponsors that the house bill commands":

Maryland Wine Shipping: We’ve Got Numbers (HB-716, SB-566)

Quick post to note that Maryland Direct Wine Shipping has had bills introduced into the Maryland House and Senate. House version HB-716 is here, with the Senate crossfile here. Read away, it’s largely the same stuff we’ve been posting for years. Do notice the sheer force of sponsors that the house bill commands.

Delegates Krysiak, Hucker, Ali, Anderson, Aumann, Barnes, Bartlett, Benson, Bobo, Bohanan, Cane, Cardin, Carr, G. Clagett, Conaway, Conway, Costa, Dumais, Dwyer, Elliott, Elmore, Feldman, Frank, Frick, Frush, Gaines, George, Gilchrist, Glenn, Gutierrez, Haddaway, Hecht, Heller, Holmes, Howard, Hubbard, Ivey, Jennings, Kach, Kaiser, Kipke, Kramer, Krebs, Kullen, Lafferty, Lee, Levi, Malone, Manno, McComas, McConkey, McIntosh, Mizeur, Montgomery, Morhaim, Nathan-Pulliam, Niemann, Pena-Melnyk, Pendergrass, Proctor, Ramirez, Reznik, Rice, Robinson, Rosenberg, Ross, Schuh, Shank, Shewell, Simmons, Smigiel, Stein, Stocksdale, Stull, Tarrant, F. Turner, Valderrama, Vallario, Waldstreicher, and Weir

Coverage of the MBBWL press conference yesterday was provided by Matt over at Free State Wine. The major talking points were addressed, as expected.

Part of today’s press conference sought to address retail and restaurant concerns about the impact of shipping wine on their sales. Reports from other states show that direct shipments have no negative effects…

More on all this next week, as well as some info on other wine related bills in the legislature this session.

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