MD Report on Wine by Mail Called 'Starting Point'

An article by the Associated Press in the Salisbury Daily Times News entitled MD Report on Wine by Mail Called 'Starting Point' that focus’ on the findings of the comptrollers report.


ANNAPOLIS — Comptroller Peter Franchot says a report on how 37 states and Washington, D.C. executive laws allowing direct shipment of alcoholic beverages is a “starting point.”

Franchot released the report on Tuesday. It was ordered by state legislators and does not make policy recommendations.

The report disputes claims that direct shipment would make it easier for minors to get wine. It also suggests that Maryland’s liquor wholesalers and retailers would see little economic harm if residents could have wine shipped directly to their homes.

The report comes amid growing signs that key lawmakers are working toward making direct wine sales legal in Maryland.

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Wineries Able to Ship to MD

Here is a link to the Comptroller's website. Search for "DW-Direct Wine Shippers Permit" under permit type.

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