Senator Joan Conway's Drinking Buddies

A blog posting on HoCo Rising about Sen. Joan Carter Conway's campaign contributors that are associated with Maryland liquor establishments:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Senator Joan Conway's Drinking Buddies

Senator Joan Conway has declared her opposition to the Direct Shipping of Wine to Maryland consumers, a measure that is overwhelming popular with the electorate, and the majority of legislators in Annapolis.  For those that don't already know, Maryland one of only 13 states that prohibits direct shipping.

All of this made me wonder "why?"  Well...that's slightly disengenuous.  I knew "why," but it made me wonder how much is "why" paying?

I've spent the past two hours in Joan Conway's fundraising reports.  Due to the nature of PACs, some are hard to attribute, but I assure you that all those entities listed here have been researched and associated with the Maryland liquor establishment, which cares a great deal in making sure direct shipment does not go through.  So, here's the "why" (and how much):

Baltimore County Licensed Beverage Assoc. Pac $3,550
Maryland Beer Wholesalers Association PAC $2,125
Doc Liquors $1,450
Maryland State Licensed Beverage Association PAC $1,200
El Dorado Lounge $1,500
Diageo North American $1,000
Restaurant Association of Maryland, Inc. PAC $900
Mondo Bono Italian Bistro $800
Omkar, Inc. - D/B/A Hillen Liquors $600
Baltimore License Beverage Assoc., Inc. $550
MD Chapter MULBA $550
Miller/Coors $500
JRRP Corporation - T/A Wells Discount Liquors $500
Valentinos Restaurant Inc. $500
Canton Beverages $400
S. & K. Tavern Inc. T/A Danny's Lounge $300
Distilled Spirits Council $250
Winner Distributing Co. $250
T.I. Bae Liquors Inc. $200
Mother’s Federal Hill $100

Total: $17,725.00

And while we're there, what's with the anonymous lump sum donations totaling $3,373?

Ben Cardin would certainly be disappointed with all of Joan's friends in big business, right?

Ben Cardin For Senate $2,000
Ben Cardin for Congress $1,000

Your move, Joan.  Get out of the way.

Wineries with Permits

Wineries Able to Ship to MD

Here is a link to the Comptroller's website. Search for "DW-Direct Wine Shippers Permit" under permit type.

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