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What is wrong with current Maryland beer and wine law?

The current template of alcohol legislation is not conducive to economic change, competition, and most importantly, your freedom of choice as a consumer. Local breweries, wineries and distillers are denied wide accessibility to their products, Maryland grocery and convenience stores are mostly kept entirely out of the market, and consumers are forced to make an extra stop at a liquor store in order to run all their errands.


What do Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws hope to achieve?

Our goal is to achieve legislation that will allow the sale of alcohol in grocery, club, drug and convenience stores. This is the next step in securing the complete modernization of Maryland alcohol laws.


How will our coalition achieve modernized legislation?

Our coalition will achieve such legislation by organizing a collective voice against the current restrictions on alcohol sales in Maryland in order to reach the attention of top decision-makers. Along with education and outreach, collecting and harnessing the voices of those who would see improvement within their lives by the modernization of beer and wine laws will be the key to driving our coalition to success.


How will I benefit from this legislation?

The pandemic has greatly increased the need for creative solutions by legislators to support and bolster local economies and protect the most vulnerable among us. Budget cutting alone will not get us there. To bridge the massive gap, our leaders must consider new revenue streams. Chief among them, authorizing Maryland chain grocery, drug and convenience stores to sell beer and wine will deliver massive, new revenues, create hundreds of local jobs and provide shoppers with increased choice, convenience and cost-savings. The modernization of Maryland alcohol laws will generate over $100 million in economic benefit to fund our priorities, deliver more choices at lower prices, create jobs, and remove some of the hassle of running errands for the average consumer.

How can I get involved?

You can start by connecting with us on our email list or Facebook and by spreading the word to your peers!

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