While your county executive or council can't introduce legislation directly in Annapolis, they have a strong voice with your county delegation. That's why we need them on our side!

Below is a table with information you can use to contact every county executive or council chairperson. Some allow you email them while others require you to fill out an online form. We have made the appropriate links for each executive or county council chairperson. You will need to either copy the email address into your email program or paste the form link into your internet browser. Here are a couple of tips when emailing your county executive or council chairperson:

  • Tie the increased revenue to priorities specific to your county

  • Make sure to mention your mailing address and neighborhood involvement

Here is a sample email you can use to copy and paste:

Subject: ___ (fill in blank) County & Chain Store Alcohol Sales


Dear ___ (fill in blank):

I am a Maryland resident and am writing to ask for your support to legalize chain store alcohol sales. When you ran and were elected to governor, your platform said that you were "open for business." Now five years in, I haven't seen any to the alcohol retail landscape in place since 1978. As our state struggles to balance the budget with our priorities, we can't afford to leave over $100 million on the table. For education, for jobs, or for the Bay, I want that money to make Maryland stronger without raising taxes or fees.


We as Marylanders have been living in the minority for too long - 98% of of Americans can buy beer at grocery stores and 85% can buy wine there. I pay higher prices for less selection and want this to change.

Please urge our county delegation to support legislation this coming General Assembly Session to bring change to Maryland that is long overdue by legalizing chain store alcohol sales. I look forward to hearing from you!


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