Changing the law must start with the General Assembly. Every Marylander has a Delegate and Senator representing them in Annapolis. Click on the link below and enter your home address to find your elected officials:

Find Your Legislator

Once you identify your Delegate or Senator, here are a few pointers for contacting them:

  • Send them an email or give their office a call

  • Make sure you identify yourself as a constituent and provide your address, so they can confirm

  • Mention your particular point of view about legalizing chain store sales

Here is a sample email you can use to copy and paste:

Subject: Del./Sen. ___ (fill in blank) & Chain Store Alcohol Sales

Dear Del./Sen. ___ (fill in blank):

I am a constituent and am writing to ask for your support to legalize chain store alcohol sales. For too long, we as Marylanders have been living in the minority - 98% of Americans can buy beer at grocery stores and 85% can buy wine there. I pay higher prices for less selection and want this to change. More importantly, I understand that legalizing chain store alcohol sales could generate over $100 million for our state priorities including schools, public safety and the Chesapeake Bay.

Please sponsor this legislation and bring change to Maryland that is long overdue. I look forward to hearing from you!


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