Maryland Close To Allowing Wine to be Mailed

An article on WBOC etitled Maryland Close To Allowing Wine to be Mailed about proposed changes to wine shipping laws.

Reported by Angelica Spanos
Dec 23, 2010 2:50 pm est

SALISBURY, Md.-  A bill proposed by Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot may allow direct shipping of wine from wineries to addresses within the state.

The report by the comptroller, released on Tuesday, proposes legalizing mailing wine from wineries to Maryland with a permit. 

Wayne Morris, the manager at the Wine Rack in Fruitland, said this is a good idea because it brings attention to the wine business and for those who treat wines as a hobby, rather than just a drink they consume. 

One woman said she runs into the problem all the time. "You find a nice bottle of wine that you really like and you want to order it for a dinner party and its not available to you in the state and you can't get it shipped to you. It's a real inconvenience."

If the bill is passed by the time the General Assembly is let out in mid-April, it could go into effect soon after.

Wineries with Permits

Wineries Able to Ship to MD

Here is a link to the Comptroller's website. Search for "DW-Direct Wine Shippers Permit" under permit type.

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