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New Poll: Overwhelming support for wine, beer sales in Maryland grocery stores


JAN. 8, 2020 -- In a rare instance of bipartisan agreement, Marylanders are overwhelmingly supportive of allowing retail locations like grocery stores across the state to sell wine and beer to consumers, according to a new poll released this week.


Across every group -- age, gender, race, geography, political leaning -- 75% of voters in the state said they would approve of new policy, which would expand convenience for adults and economic growth for the state’s expanding network of high-quality craft brewers.


*Whether Democrat, Republican or Unaffiliated: 75% support.


*Men or women: 74% support.


*Under 50 years old or over 50: More than 70% support combined, including 80% of voters under the age of 50.


*Washington Metro, Baltimore city and suburbs and the Eastern Shore/Southern MD: All with overwhelming support of at least 74% and as high as 79%.


The majority of Marylanders support beer and wine being sold in grocery and convenience stores, but Prohibition-era state laws continue to restrict the sale to liquor stores in all but a few counties. This makes Maryland one of the few states within the U.S. that have to deal with these frustrating restrictions.


The current template of wine and beer legislation is not conducive to growth, competition, and most importantly, convenience and choice for consumers. Local breweries and wineries are denied wide accessibility to their products, Maryland grocery and convenience stores are kept entirely out of the market, and consumers are forced to make an extra stop at a liquor store in order to run all their errands.


The modernization of Maryland beer and wine laws will create jobs, expand one of largest industries contributing to Maryland’s economy, and remove some of the hassle of running errands for the average consumer.


The poll was conducted by Gonzales Research and Media Services, an independent polling firm.

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